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Pure Paws original organic shampoo for all dogs 250ml 原味有機狗潔毛液 - mrorganic
Pure Paws original organic shampoo for all dogs 250ml 原味有機狗潔毛液 - mrorganic
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Pure Paws original organic shampoo for all dogs 250ml 原味有機狗潔毛液

get your pet into a luxurious lather with our natural, revitalising organic dog shampoo.

specially formulated to be gentle on an animal’s sensitive skin, it deep cleanses and calms, while restoring shine. 

pure, therapeutic-grade cedarwood essential oil, with its warm, grounding scent, works perfectly with your pet’s delicate nose, but uses its antiseptic and circulation-stimulating properties to revitalise and condition your dog’s coat. plus, as a natural insect repellent, it helps keep fleas and ticks at bay.

made with only the finest botanical ingredients - including nourishing organic oat extract and organic argan oil, with their natural soothing and healing properties - it helps strengthen hair follicles, keeps skin healthy and ensures a super glossy coat.

use in your dog’s foot bath, too - perfect for pure paws.


how to use: wet the coat completely with warm water. apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail. lather well into coat. avoid eyes and ears. rinse thoroughly. repeat, if needed, to make sure the uninvited guests leave. towel dry. follow with original organic dog conditioner.

formulated for the correct pH for an animal’s coat. Pure Light Botanics products are free from SLS/SLES, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), parabens, lanolin, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, palm oil, silicones, formaldehyde, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial perfumes and colourants. vegan friendly, cruelty free. made with 76.25% organic and 99.05% naturally derived ingredients. 

ingredients: aqua & avena sativa (organic oat) kernel extract, decyl glucoside, sodium cocoamphocetate (derived from coconut), coco glucoside, aloe barbadensis (organic leaf) extract, glycerin, glyceryl stearate (plant-derived moisturiser), xanthan gum, argania spinosa (organic argan) nut oil, quillaja saponiaria (soap bark), aroma [cedrus atlantica (cedarwood atlas) bark oil], dehydro acetic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sodium bicarbonate, benzyl alcohol. shelf life: 24 months.


'Pure Paw'原味有機狗洗髮露250ml




使用最好的植物成份 - 包括滋養有機燕麥提取物和有機摩洛哥堅果油,俱有天然舒緩和修復功效 -有助於加強毛囊,保持皮膚健康,並確保皮毛有光澤。也可以在狗的足浴中使用 - 非常適合純淨的爪子。


配方為動物皮毛的正確pH值。 Pure Light Botanics產品不含SLS / SLES,酒精(乙醇),對羥基苯甲酸酯,羊毛脂,甲基異噻唑啉酮,甲基氯異噻唑啉酮,棕櫚油,有機矽,甲醛,鄰苯二甲酸鹽,石化產品,人造香水和著色劑。對肌膚友善,無殘忍。由76.25%有機和99.05%天然衍生成分製成。 

成分: ,燕麥(有機燕麥)仁提取物,癸基葡萄糖苷,椰油兩性酸鈉(椰子衍生物),椰子糖苷,蘆薈(有機葉)提取物,甘油,甘油基硬脂酸酯(植物來源的保濕劑),黃原膠,摩洛哥堅果(有機堅果)油,石鹼木(肥皂樹皮),香氣[白柳(柳樹皮)提取物,脫氫醋酸,山梨酸,苯甲酸,碳酸钠,苯甲醇。保質期:24個月。


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