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*dog balm (lavender/ puppies/ sweet orange) 有機寵物掌及鼻頭膏(薰衣草/原味/甜橙)
*dog balm (lavender/ puppies/ sweet orange) 有機寵物掌及鼻頭膏(薰衣草/原味/甜橙) *dog balm (lavender/ puppies/ sweet orange) 有機寵物掌及鼻頭膏(薰衣草/原味/甜橙) *dog balm (lavender/ puppies/ sweet orange) 有機寵物掌及鼻頭膏(薰衣草/原味/甜橙)
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*dog balm (lavender/ puppies/ sweet orange) 有機寵物掌及鼻頭膏(薰衣草/原味/甜橙)

Mrorganic dog balm 40g
available scents: original; lavender; sweet orange

99.7% certified organic
no artificial fragrance

Mrorganic   dog balm moisturize your dog's nose, paws, elbows, or other problem areas with ease. dry skin can be uncomableable, unsightly, and unsafe for your dog's nasal or foot region. mrorgainc dog balm can quickly soothes problem areas and protects skin. use Daily for maintenance.

Jojoba vegetable oil*, bee wax, olive oil*, shea butter refined*, clove leaf oil*, sweet almond oil*, (lavender organic essential oil*, sweet orange organic essential oil)*certified organic

Directions: put a small amount in your palms & slowly massage onto their paws. hold and wait a few seconds for better absorption. then rub a bit onto their nose. they will lick it as expected, all ingredients are eatable. apply daily for dry Or cracked paws. for routine paw care, apply onceevery 2 to 3 days.

Pet Palm and Nasal Cream  40g
Organic Lavender Oil/ Original/Sweet Orange

Fragrance and Artificial Colors
Australian Organic Certification (Cert No. 12615)

Pets are very sensitive when someone touches or rubs their feet, so don't rush to apply a palm cream to them. You can open the cap or lid first and place it next to your dog, giving them time to get used to the taste of the palm cream. In the future, whenever you apply them to sensitive feet, you won't be so resistant. After smearing, even if they rub their feet, don't worry, they need to be reapplied.
If you can't apply all the feet to the more active dogs, don't worry, enjoy the intimate massage moment with them !

jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet apricot oil , shea butter, clove leaf oil, organic eucalyptus oil, (organic lavender essential oil /  organic sweet orange essential oil)

Instructions for use:
Before you walk with your dog or before they go to sleep, apply a thin layer on their feet for protection and daily care. For dry or chapped feet, it is recommended to use once a day. For daily care, it can be used every two to three days.


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