organic and natural

That’s why all our ingredients and products must meet a series of stringent criteria:

  • all products must be 80-100% organic and plant materials used must not be extracted in a way that damages the ecological environment!
  • all plant oil ingredients are extracted with a low temperature technology to preserve the most nourishing components.
  • non-natural chemical substances, pesticides and herbicides, or chemical fertilizers that may damage the environment, must not be used during the planting process of raw materials.
  • all products must not be tested on animals.
  • all ingredients are proven to be good for your hair or skin. all ingredients must be biodegradable as a principle.
  • does not contain any artificial colours, fragrances or other substances.
  • does not contain any free radicals, preservatives, DEAs, MEAs or TEAs.
  • does not contain any genetically modified materials.
  • all plant ingredients and essential oils are made with certified organic ingredients.
  • does not contain any artificial flavours or colouring.
  • does not contain petroleum by-products.
  • does not contain silicone oil and its by-products.
  • does not contain radiation.
  • skin allergy testing has been conducted with microbiology.
  • eco-friendly packaging: PET bottles and FSC certified recycling paper trays.

Products of mrorganic will be sold globally. it is the first local brand to receive Australia’s Organic Certification (ACO) in Hong Kong’s history and has already become one of the exhibitors of Japan Gift Show, the largest and most illustrious exhibition in Japan even it has not yet sold any products in the market. Rick Sidney has a partnership with Australia’s organic certification centre, and farmers and harvesters of organic and wild ingredients, and is committed to using 100% recyclable packaging and environmentally friendly production methods to produce the most organic and natural product. The brand’s organic certification (ACO) is one of the highest quality standards in the industry and mrorganic could proudly say that you are making the most loving and caring promise to your pets by using our products.